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Sometimes I wonder...Am I really going to make a difference?

Veronika Polaskova


Sometimes I wonder...Am I really going to leave something behind?...Am I really going to make a difference?...Many times I feel like standing on top a mountain but my arms, my voice can’t reach anyone down in the valleys...there’s so many questions that come to my mind through meeting interesting people, through reading articles, through seeing documentaries...there’s things we learn in schools to be able to catch up with the advances in science, medicine, technology...but to me it feels there’s so much more important things we need to learn in to be more sensitive to our to connect with to connect with to become more to bring more awareness into our to help each other without expecting anything to be kinder and sensitive human beings instead of disconnected not caring individuals...these are definitely things where we can start from ourselves...and I really do hope, for all of us, that whatever WE DO in our lives here will not be insignificant 🌲🌸🍁🌱