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Enjoy every day... it will never come back again...

Veronika Polaskova


This morning was pretty special...fog, clouds and sunrise...when you mix all those together you know it's going to be amazing...I was still 20 min away from a secret lookout and I knew I had to run to catch it...I could see the sun painting a beautiful orange colour on the rocks on the opposite mountain when I ran through the bush...when I got there, the sun was already hidden behind the clouds...I missed it...but you know what? It was worth it...I took a few shots and enjoyed the silence and serenity mountains can offer...I couldn't drag myself away from there...when I had to leave, the sun lit two patches in the was laughing at me...that I ran and missed it and I had to run back when it was coming out again...this morning was very much about appreciating whatever comes into my life...I am grateful that I ran...every day is a blessing...and even though it may not be the best day of your life, enjoy will never come back again...