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Enjoy the process, enjoy your growth...

Veronika Polaskova


The other day I was working on something in my yoga practice, something I want to be able to do…and I tried a few times, fell on my face a few times, took a break and then tried again…one time, I almost made it…I held there for a second and I thought “yeah, I’m there”…and then fell off it…and I tried again, I was really eager because I knew I was not far from making it happen…and then all of the sudden some calm entered my mind and body and something from inside in a beautiful gentle way said, ”it’s ok…your body is not ready yet…it will happen…not today, but it will happen…another day”…and I stopped pushing myself…so many times when we work towards something and we really want it to happen, it may not happen at that moment…it doesn’t mean you should give up on yourself…it’s more about accepting and acknowledging where you are and trusting yourself…and knowing that with kindness, patience and appreciation of what is now, it will eventually happen…enjoy the process, enjoy your growth…much love to you all