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Ripples towards a more loving and caring world...

Veronika Polaskova


I love this place...I love Blue Mountains...I love the fresh air and the texture of sandstone underneath my feet...I love the sunsets and rain, clouds and cockatoos flying on sunrays...being here and noticing the life to go by without being disrupted by the negativity and fear that has flown over the world during last week has made me realize how lucky I am to be here and find this peaceful moment...and that in the end, it is who we are and what we do as individuals what brings a change...everything starts with a tiny little thing...both good and bad things...there is a huge power in every decision we make and what we do and what we don’t do as individuals...because often, things don’t stand alone...everything is interconnected...and what I do right now or what I don’t do right now, what YOU do right now or what YOU don’t do right now, will reach someone else...everything we do or don’t do has a ripple effect and will influence some other beings...sometimes the ripples are tiny, sometimes they are huge...this gives me hope...because I know that as an individual I can still make a living, breathing and being the values that are important to, connection, compassion, hope is that the ripples I make will create some more beautiful and meaningful ripples towards a more loving and caring world🌱 🌲 🌸 🌞