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Free Yoga Class for New Students

Veronika Polaskova


Hi gorgeous people,

Have you ever wondered what all the yoga fuss is about or you used to do yoga but life kind of got in the way? Come to class and enjoy a beautiful Vinyasa flow yoga class with me for free :-) 

My dream is to be able to provide yoga classes for free so that everyone who wants to come to practice, find a safe place, open through their body and connect to their light, could just come and have some beautiful quality time with themselves. And while at the moment I cannot afford to teach all my classes for free (our two big furry boys eat a lot! :-)), what I can at least do is to offer the first class for free to anyone who has never been to my class before and who would love to give it a try…hopefully one day, I could open a regular free/charity class…or a few…:-)

So if you have never been to my class and would like to give it a go, you are most welcomed to try a class for free, I am looking forward to meeting with you :-)

Yoga has totally changed my life. Not only I feel so much stronger both physically and mentally but I have also learnt to appreciate who I am every day and open my heart to all the experiences, even the challenging ones. I feel a greater sense of harmony and peace, and connection to myself and the world around me. Come to practice and experience the beautiful benefits of yoga on your body, mind, health and all aspects of your life.

A lot of people think that they have to be flexible to come to a yoga class but this can’t be further from the truth. Yoga is really for everyone. And especially if you don’t feel flexible or you hold a lot of tension in your body, yoga is perfect for you, and it can really help you in a long run to prevent injuries and keep your body young, healthy and supple. Plus it is such a beautiful way how to find some time for yourself in our busy world, learn to de-stress and release whatever you need to release, calm down with your breath, connect with your beautiful self, and find yourself relaxed, rejuvenated and happy after class.

I teach dynamic and energizing Vinyasa flow yoga classes in Leura and Katoomba, you can read a bit more about what to expect from your yoga class here The classes cater for all levels, from beginners to advanced students, no prior experience is needed. You can take it at your own pace and rest as much as you need during the class. I always give enough variations so that everyone can choose what they need on that particular day - a gentle or a stronger practice.

Here is a link to one of my videos, it can give you some idea what to expect from the class :-) Full Body Vinyasa Flow Yoga - 35 Minutes


FRIDAY 9-10am

Blue Spirit Yoga Studio
18 Murray St, Leura
$15 per class, $130 for 10 class pass                       


TUESDAY 5:30-6:30pm

Anytime Fitness in Katoomba
1/44 Wilson St, Katoomba
$15 per class, $5 for members of Anytime Fitness



What to bring?

All you need is your shining energy, a water bottle, a small towel and comfy clothes that will allow you to freely move (if you have your favourite yoga mat at home and want to practice on it, feel free to bring it along :-)).


“I have been attending Veronika’s yoga classes for five months and I’m so glad to have found her. Veronika is a wonderful yoga teacher. Her classes are the perfect blend of support, challenge, progression and relaxation. Veronika always offers her students the option to challenge themselves or to take a more gentle approach. She encourages us to listen to our bodies and work at our own level. Her beautiful words and joyful nature lift the spirit and leave me smiling through the rest of my day.”  Elka, Woodford


"I’ve been searching the Blue Mountains for a teacher like Veronika. She offers a beautiful Vinyasa class that is supportive, nurturing and light hearted so that I feel able to practise to my own ability while also being challenged every week."  Michelle, Katoomba


Come to class and have fun…looking forward to meeting with you :-)