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Home practice for you - Gentle Vinyasa Flow (15 min)

Veronika Polaskova


So, finally after a few months of postponing this, I have made my very first video with a home practice for you…yay!!! It was lots of fun, a few tries before my furry boy Mauri fell asleep and gave up on being actively involved in my yoga practice…lol (if you’ve seen my first video with Mauri, you know what it is a link :-))

This month, I wanted to create something that would be accessible to everyone, short yoga sequence targeted at opening the whole body. This is a gentle 15min Vinyasa flow yoga sequence you can do every day if you feel like it. Great to start your day, to squeeze it in your lunch break at work or to wind down before going to bed. Short and sweet to make you feel beautiful and relaxed :-)