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New Yoga Video - Full Body Vinyasa Flow (35 min)

Veronika Polaskova


This month I have created a 35 min Vinyasa Flow yoga class, with some heart opening postures, twists and hip openers to open through all the main areas of the body and to encourage the life energy, prana/chi, to flow freely throughout. As always, each class can be challenging and gentle at the same time. Create a habit of observing your breath and physical sensations in your body, move with consciousness and adjust the practice according to how you feel on that day. The video is here for guidance so if some postures are too hard or don't work for your body, you can always adjust the practice so that it's nurturing for you :-)

Of course my furry boys couldn't let me practice without being in the frame…hope you will enjoy their presence as much as I did :-)