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What kind of life do you want to have?

Veronika Polaskova


While we can’t often choose to fill every and each day only with things and activities we enjoy and love (oh yeah, most of us have to go to work, pay bills, clean the house etc.) we can choose the energy we want to have our days filled with no matter what we have on our to do list...choose each day to be a super amazing one :-) doesn’t matter if you have to go to work and do all the normal things you do every day...but you can choose to enjoy them, to create games around all the “boring” stuff, to bring more playfulness and exciting energy into your everyday life...and you will feel so much more fulfilled even though you will do the same things as always...

Last week I came across a documentary on Tony Robbins and he said an interesting thing...”Do you know someone who no matter what happens in their life finds a way to be always pissed off?...and do you know, on the other hand, someone who no matter what happens in their life finds a way to be always happy and excited?”

While I think it’s totally ok and healthy to experience all the emotions and learn to breathe through them, I also know that most of the times we are not even aware of what has caused us to feel that way...or when we are, we don’t realize it was a super tiny moment with the least possible significance to which we assigned a huge importance…unconsciously...and we forget that WE can choose to step forward instead of staying in that moment...and let me tell you, we sometimes stay there for way too long...the challenge is, can you bring more awareness into your life and when you feel some resistance within or some negative emotions, can you stop and ask yourself, “Am I really going to allow this moment to destroy my whole day? Am I really going to allow this moment to shape my life?” Because from one moment, there comes another…from one day, there comes another one...those days will never come back again...choose wisely what kind of day, and what kind of life YOU want to have...I hope it’s a great one! ❤