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Live from your heart...

Veronika Polaskova


"Maybe it isn’t about whether or not you succeed. Maybe it’s about whether or not you give effort towards something that is meaningful to you.” (by Brendon Burchard). A quote I came across this week while another similar one popped up just a few days ago “Inner fulfilment is more important than achievement.” (by Tony Robbins). It’s interesting how two words, yet very close, they have a very different warmth/energy to them...success & meaning...achievement & fulfilment...the second ones, meaning and fulfilment, are full of soul and aliveness while I don’t feel this way about ‘success’ and ‘achievement’...

It is unfortunate that in the world we live today, filled with competition and constant comparison, it is easy to forget who we is easy to be dragged away from our path and make “superficial” choices and chase things because we think we need to be something more (and by these “superficial” choices, I don’t even mean chasing material things in our lives...I mean choices that are made from a desire of feeling important, from a desire to be “someone”)...I feel the biggest treasure today is to know yourself...because only when you connect to your heart, you can make choices that are meaningful to YOU...and find fulfilment in every day of your life no matter how big or small things you achieve...because if you do things that are meaningful to you, the result doesn’t really matter...

This year, for me, has been about living from my heart and following things that resonates with me...there were heaps of opportunities that came my way, promising exciting future but I didn’t follow them...because I knew in my heart that it was not my journey...when you know yourself it is easy to let go of “opportunities” which on the surface offer a great future but you know deep inside that this future wouldn’t make you feel happy or fulfilled...more and more I am realizing what a gift it is to be able to become still and observe my inner world...because if there are things to be found, they are definitely within, not outside...❤