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The question is if we are ready to take a leap and taste that freedom...

Veronika Polaskova


It still amazes me that I decided to become a yoga teacher and work with new and new people on daily basis, while I’m quite a shy person and an introvert (yep, that was a super big secret and now you know it! :-)). Most people who meet me in my yoga classes wouldn’t say I am shy...but I am. It’s been almost three years that I have been teaching yoga but there are still moments when I feel vulnerable when I am supposed to step in front of the class and teach. Sometimes I even do crazy dances in the Blue Spirit yoga studio before starting teaching a class (before my students arrive) to release the nervous energy, and my partner who comes there with me just laughs...we made some hilarious videos as well but believe me you don’t want to see :-)

I guess the reason why I am writing this is that if I haven’t allowed myself to be vulnerable again and again I would not be able to live a life I wanted to live...I would not be able to do things in my life I wanted to do, I wanted to experience, to do things I love and to meet a bunch of amazing people along the way...there’s always a risk...a risk that things will go bad, people will judge me, laugh at me, etc....but I know the risk I am taking day by day will never be as big as the fulfilment I feel when I follow my heart (and it’s not an easy thing to take a risk, for someone who was raised with a belief that to be loved I have to be great..not that my beautiful parents and teachers ever aimed this to happen...but it has happened...yep, second secret, here you go! :-)). We all have some areas where we don’t feel comfortable, where we feel exposed...we all have things that challenge us in one way or another...the question is if we are ready to take a leap and taste that freedom when allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and real, rather than staying in a "safe place" and not feeling really happy there...I wish you to be brave and real in the adventures that come your way 💚🌸🌻