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Enjoy it without grasping...

Veronika Polaskova


“When we grasp after pleasure, the possibility of pain is always there because the law of nature is that what appears also disappears; but if we can welcome pleasure and indeed enjoy it without grasping, then pain does not arise.” …loving this gorgeous section from a beautiful book “Mindfulness and Compassion: Embracing Life with Loving-Kindness” by The Happy Buddha …it’s something I am still learning…learning to enjoy things as they come but also letting them be when they pass…it’s a beautiful feeling when we are able to fully enjoy something that brings us pleasure and happiness but it’s also a beautiful thing to be able to let it go when it’s not there at that moment and be able to move onto the next thing, stay present to what is unfolding in the here and now, even though it may not bring us as much pleasure or joy…there’s this beautiful feeling of freedom and being one with life when we follow the natural flow of life, instead of when we grasp after things and then being one with life for a moment but fighting against it in another…💜