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"The love we give away is the only love we keep"

Veronika Polaskova


“There is always more to find, always something left in you when you would swear on your soul you’ve been emptied out.” A beautiful part of a poem by Tyler Knott Gregson (the whole poem at the end 😊) I can totally relate to. I absolutely love my job, teaching yoga and creating a beautiful experience for my students to light up their souls a bit more so that we can all share a bit more kindness and love in this world. As with every human, even us yoga teachers (no, we are not spiritual fairies who are zen all the time 😉) have days when we wake up and we feel like “how can I possibly teach a class and give to people when I feel like I don’t have more to give?” And it’s a beautiful experience to find out that even when you are at your lowest (maybe not the super lowest), with no sleep, with life being crazy, there’s always more we can give…not that I would feel low right now but there were definitely moments when I was feeling like I couldn’t possibly teach a nice class…but surprisingly I always did (at least what I can tell from the feedback of my students ;-)). It’s beautiful to realize that when we actually start giving, everything starts turning around and we start feeling better…as one of my favourite quotes says “The love we give away is the only love we keep” (by Elbert Hubbard) ❤ So keep sharing, keep giving, keep smiling because life is way more fun this way 🌼

Here is the beautiful poem:

“I have a few promises to offer you,
the believing is up to you,
the proof will emerge,
but I cannot say the when.
Here is what I have,
my sincere offering,
scar earned
and burned into me:
when you think you can’t,
you positively can,
when you think it’s over,
it may be beginning.
There is always more to find, 
always something left in you
when you would swear on your soul
you’ve been emptied out.
Finally, and most exquisitely important,
I promise you it is worth it,
it is always worth it,
every drop of ache and sorrow,
every perfect pinch of joy,
it is worth it.
Promise me you will keep waking up,
keep finding it,
and finding the strength in you
to believe me.”