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Each moment is a beautiful and unique gift...

Veronika Polaskova


Sometimes I feel we are like neverending books with so much depth to us…with every page we read we get more understanding into who we are and how we affect ourselves and other people, yet we never reach the end of our book…sometimes reading a particular page again and again, meeting the same experience in our lives over and over, doesn’t really help us to get further…we just can’t see what that experience holds for us…and we need to go through it on several occasions in our lives to understand that it is happening for a reason, and to be more open next time to what that particular experience is trying to tell us…life is a miraculous and a “well thought-out” process in a way, it will always bring our way the experiences we need to go through and present opportunities for us to grow…that’s the beauty of life…each moment is a beautiful and unique gift for us to keep learning about ourselves and life…and if we can do that without getting too attached to the experience itself, especially those ones creating negative emotions in us and see them still as light in darkness, we will be able to experience life on a much subtler, finer level…what a gift to wake up every morning and keep learning 💛