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You Are Enough...

Veronika Polaskova


Last week a message/thought appeared to me a few times…”you are enough”…and it filled me with so much calmness, peace and happiness because I realized I was really enough…it’s beautiful when we allow ourselves to go within and to tap into that place of inner wisdom and acceptance and know we are whole and perfect as we are…it has a beautiful ripple effect too…when we are enough for ourselves, we are for others too…we may not connect with everyone who crosses our path, but it is more likely we will create some beautiful soulful connections when we are ourselves…being authentic needs courage, especially in the world where we feel we need to prove ourselves again and again…where we may feel the urge to become someone else to feel unique, interesting, lovable…

There’s a few people I’ve met in my life who seemed really comfortable in who they were and it was always so beautiful and inspiring to be around their embracing loving energy…their inner star was shining bright miles beyond the horizon and their big smile, the genuine laughter could fill many spaces beyond this world…they were not necessarily people who had the most amazing fit bodies, who had everything figured in life, who achieved some great things, who didn't feel confused at times…yet being themselves, their lives seemed to be filled with so much more light…love, meaning, happiness and fulfilment.

I hope we can all cherish ourselves, our uniqueness a bit more...because the more sincere and loving we are towards ourselves, the more sincerity we find around us too…💛🙏