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The gift of their trust, inspiration, help and their love...

Veronika Polaskova


“Some people arrive only when we reach a crossroads within ourselves, when decisions have to be made, when change is inevitable, but we lack the courage to embrace it. They touch a part of us so deeply that it changes the entire direction of our life, and that exhilarating feeling of love we feel with them, is enough to guide us and give us the strength to take the right road, even if it’s on our own.” Beautiful words by Mimi Novic 💜

I believe we all have so much strength within us to go after things we dream of but sometimes being around someone who inspires us, gives us so much more courage to trust ourselves and go where our heart is leading us, even when we know the road may not be easy…and for that I am grateful to everyone who has touched my life in some way 🙏💛

I find the beauty of life is in constant sharing…whatever we achieve, wherever we find ourselves in each moment is so many times a result of our interaction with other beings…their gift of their trust, inspiration, help and their love towards us. In the same way, I hope, we can aim to be beautiful beings, living genuinely according to our values and share the same gift of our trust, inspiration, help and love towards other people ❤…being selfless and making a difference where we can is the true achievement in our lives