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Animal souls can often serve as guides to help us...

Veronika Polaskova


On the way to teach a class to my Scenic World yoga crew this morning (loving those guys 💛) I noticed this beautiful being standing at the side of the road 🦊 I didn’t see a fox for more than 20 years…and even though it’s a pest here in Australia, I felt amazed by that creature…in the end, it’s us humans who have disrupted the harmony in nature (so really who is a pest here 😔)…but I also hope that we are more in tune with our surroundings now and becoming more aware of our impact on nature, and becoming more compassionate and grateful for the gift of life we have all been given…equally…🙏 I don’t even pick plants anymore to put them in a vase because I feel they are more happy being outside soaking in the sunshine, morning dew and sharing their life with their insect friends (don’t ask me what will happen when I start growing my own vegetables 🥕…still a long way to becoming a breatharian 😉)

I very much enjoy all the spiritual teachings (who would have guessed that would be the case for someone who spent almost half a life studying and working in science 🙄) and while there’s a lot of things I don’t understand and will be learning about most likely my whole life (yay, what a passionate journey 🙌), I do believe many things happen in our lives with a hidden meaning…sometimes a more obvious one and sometimes a subtle one, for us to be deciphered after being put through the same experience over and over again.

Same as people who cross our path may have something to share with us to help us grow, animal souls can often serve as guides to help us see the less obvious, to guide us through some challenging times, to share their wisdom and to protect us. I do believe the encounter with the friend fox this morning (after many many years of not seeing one) may as well hold a special meaning for me 💜…and I’m looking forward to being a bit more present and open and see what the next few weeks/months will bring and how the qualities of a fox (mental and physical sharpness, seeing clearly through deception, moving quickly through resistance…yay 😎) will appear/deepen in my life.