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Respect Your Own Soul

Veronika Polaskova


”To find peace in any moment, all we need to do is respect our own soul.” (by Mimi Novic) 🌸 Beautiful words, very relevant to most of us, at least at times I would say 😊

Respecting ourselves truly and filling our lives with for us meaningful things can be sometimes quite scary…to be ok that some people will not understand and love some (or all parts) of ourselves because we are all different, to be ok that some people will disagree with our choices because we all have a different value system, to still love ourselves and respect ourselves fully despite not being supported by everyone who comes into our lives, does take courage…to live our lives how we want, to go against the crowd at times and be strong enough not to give up on ourselves, is not easy…we all doubt ourselves at times and sometimes we might decide to take an easier path to fit in but the true peace can be only found when we are there for ourselves…not to live in a way so that others can see us as beautiful, kind and caring beings but to live such a life so that we can see ourselves that way…and this will only happen when we decide to be beautiful, kind and caring towards ourselves…to be authentic, to stay true is the biggest respect we can give to ourselves 🙏💜