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"I Want to Give It a Really Good Go This Year"

Veronika Polaskova


“I want to give it a really good go this year”…TO EVERYTHING…a few words I love, from a chat with a beautiful friend of mine (thank you Dave 🙏)

Last year seemed a bit out of whack for me…for sure, many great things happened and through teaching yoga I met some super crazy amazing people and I am really grateful for the beautiful friendships I have made 💛…but for some reason, last year was a tough one…many times I felt I didn’t have energy left and felt a bit out of breath and disconnected…it felt heavy and hard...

Maybe because of that, it was a year of much insight too and a gift in a way…it’s when we go through some hard times, that’s when we gather motivation, will and strength to change things…and I know that BECAUSE OF that last year I feel very eager and determined to make this year a better one…a more nourishing one…🌿🌼🌞🧘

I want to make a better effort to be there for myself…not in a selfish way at all, on the contrary to grow and cultivate kindness, compassion and peace within me so that I can give more of it to the world around me…to show up every day with a smile on my face and gratefulness in my heart…to remind myself that it is such a blessing to wake up every morning and it is up to me how I decide to spend each day…not to waste it but to project my energy wisely…and as a result of the little things I do, to really take charge of how my future unfolds…the power is really in the present moment, however cliché it may sound…what we do NOW, will shape our future…for better or worse…💜

I hope this year is full of awareness, acceptance and living mindfully…because from mindfulness understanding grows…and from understanding the right choices arise…for ourselves, for people in our lives and for the whole world, for this beautiful planet…I hope that I and you will make a difference this year to create more harmony and peace in our communities and I hope that our love will spread much further…🌸💕