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Wow, life is sooo simple and amazing...

Veronika Polaskova


It’s a gorgeous sunny day with a fine sea breeze at Culburra Beach this morning and I feel happy 🌅 …our fur boys are now asleep on the grass after the adventures at the beach, playing in the waves, chasing sea plants rolling on the sand and following various scents…and I feel, “wow, life is sooo simple and amazing” 💛

This trip has already brought so much clarity with it…sometimes I feel we just need some space to let go of everything that “needs to be done” and have time to breathe, to reflect, to write things down…to make some sense of what is happening and not to be overwhelmed by it but instead find that spark of excitement, try things differently, mix it up, find something new…🌟

Being here I am realizing how the main things that resonate with me and that I want to follow in life have been staying the same for years…from growing on my yoga journey and helping my students to gain whatever they need from my classes and becoming a more well-rounded teacher, to more time for my spiritual growth and study, playfulness mixed into strength work and endurance in my training sessions, some personal creative projects, and fun and quality time with my amazing and inspiring man and our fur kids…they all have been valid…for years…and I feel, “wow, I know what I want to follow, I just need to tweak it a bit and bring some freshness and playfulness to going after my dreams” 🌈😊

Maybe it’s the space of the sea or just leaving everything behind for a few days that everything seems to magically fall into place and make sense….I know where I want to project my energy and I can’t wait to get started when we come back home from our holiday…and it feels SOOO GOOD 🥰 …but in the meantime, I will enjoy the warm sunrays, the amazing sunrises, cartwheels and handstands, doing fun yoga poses on TRX and playing hide-and-seek with my boys…I hope you too are taking a great care of yourself and taking time to tweak things, to play, to have fun in whatever you are chasing on your journey ❤️

See you in classes next week gorgeous yogis 😊

Wednesday 6-7pm Medlow Bath (starts 17th)
Friday 9-10am Medlow Bath (starts 19th)
Saturday 9-10am Blackheath (starts 20th)