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20th September - 26th October

This coming Friday and Saturday, the new yoga course Inversions & Arm Balances starts and if you are one of the playful enthusiasts, there are still a few spots left for Friday and Saturday.

Here are some more details regarding the course.

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The course will run at 5pm at the Medlow Bath Yoga Shala (12 St Albans Rd), starting on Friday the 20th (group 1) and Saturday the 21st of September (group 2). The course will run for 6 weeks, around 75min each class.

There will be a little warm-up and cool-down in each class but otherwise we will work hard on strengthening your wrists, arms, shoulders, core and back, and also on making some parts of your body more flexible, again mainly wrists, shoulders but also hamstrings (these will help you with pressing into a headstand, forearm balance and handstand).

We will successively work through a headstand (class 1), a forearm balance (class 2) and a handstand (class 3), from basics to more advanced variations. Please know that you are most welcome to work with what you feel comfortable in each class (no judgement at all) and you don’t have to push yourself to do it all…it’s so much more important to respect your bodies and to be mindful, and if you don’t feel ready to do some harder variations to rather work on your basics and take it a step at a time.

In each class (from class 1) we will also go through various exercices for a press handstand to build the strength and flexibility you might need. And also quite a few arm balances will be thrown in :-)

From class 4, we'll work on all three inversions – headstand, forearm balance and handstand so that you get more comfortable in balancing upside down and you can work towards harder variations or some interesting transitions.

The cost for the whole course is $150 (6 weeks in total), or $140 if you bring a friend (for each). Please get in touch if you would like to attend :-)