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"From the moment I first participated in Veronika's Vinyasa Yoga class I felt I was in the right place at the right time and in very capable hands. From the very first class I felt the depth of commitment not only towards her own practice but the class practice as a whole. Always ensuring correct posture, technique and integrity making individual adjustments to students when needed. Veronika show's genuine interest in all her class participants both on a professional level and a personal level, she genuinely cares for the well-being of all. I love the way she talks throughout the class relating yoga and our practice to our everyday existence it is a great reminder on how to live our life for the benefit of ourselves and others. The difference I have noticed in myself since attending these classes is flexibility in both body and mind. For me the mind flexibility is a major bonus as I am now more likely to go with the flow of life rather than resist what life puts before me. Veronika has a lovely energy, lovely nature and a great big heart. She inspires me to continue on the path that I have been travelling in life but have sometimes questioned in the past. I am so grateful for her practice and so grateful that I can not only call her my yoga teacher but also a dear friend."

Amanda, Wentworth Falls


“I have been attending Veronika’s yoga classes for five months and I’m so glad to have found her. Veronika is a wonderful yoga teacher. Her classes are the perfect blend of support, challenge, progression and relaxation. Veronika always offers her students the option to challenge themselves or to take a more gentle approach. She encourages us to listen to our bodies and work at our own level. Her beautiful words and joyful nature lift the spirit and leave me smiling through the rest of my day.”

Elka, Woodford


“I look forward to my Tree Love Yoga class after a long week at work. I find it a lovely way to reset my mental state and come back in touch with my body. Veronika always encourages us to be kind to ourselves and I find that helpful, particularly if my personal resources feel low.”

Tristan, Katoomba

"I’ve been searching the Blue Mountains for a teacher like Veronika. She offers a beautiful Vinyasa class that is supportive, nurturing and light hearted so that I feel able to practise to my own ability while also being challenged every week."

Michelle, Katoomba