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Take time to connect with yourself...

Veronika Polaskova


We may sometimes feel a little bit “lost” in our lives, in between all the stimulations and distractions all around us…it’s very normal to feel a bit confused and question where we are heading…and whether we will find there what we are hoping to find…I find nature one of the best places to connect with myself and my life values…it’s incredible how a walk in the bush or some quiet time meditating under a tree in the garden can help you restore the inner peace, clarity in your mind and a feeling of contentment with what is now…many times we seek answers from others, but the answers you are looking for can be always found within… when we are connected with our true self, the answers will be clear and within reach…when we are not, they may be hidden…so next time when you feel a little bit “lost”, take time to connect with yourself…spend some time alone, go for a walk in nature or take a moment to sit down, close your eyes and listen to your breath…the answer is there in front of you…you just may not see it yet.