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Today I am grateful for not being perfect...

Veronika Polaskova


Today I am grateful for not being perfect...there’s so much pressure from our society how we should look and how we should "perform" in life...we are trying to chase things in our lives with hope that when we get there everything is going to be awesome and will never be...start loving your imperfect self and your imperfect life...we ALL have little struggles and insecurities, we all want to change some things in our lives, we all want to find happiness, inner peace, harmony and fulfilment...but what if you don’t have to wait until everything is perfect? What if you can find all those things in your imperfect life right now...

Some people may think that I am always super happy, enthusiastic, confident and peaceful...that I know what I want and I take actions every day that will take me there...but the truth is, I am not that person a fair bit of time...yep, I smile a lot, I laugh a lot and I am trying to follow things in my life that make me happy...but I do have my own struggles, I feel vulnerable a lot of times and I wouldn’t really call myself a super confident person...but you know what?...these things make me who I am...and I am proud of my insecurities because they make me REAL...I know I don’t have to wait to be perfect to love myself...because I will never be ❤