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Fill your heart with gratitude and acceptance...

Veronika Polaskova


Many of us (and most likely all of us) seek in our lives a sense of contentment and belonging... and while we are able to grasp those from time to time for a short moment, they often disappear quite quickly...we get distracted by little things in our lives we put too much importance onto...we analyze, we judge, we blame, we feel like a victim...and while all this is happening, the contentment is within reach...fill your heart with gratitude and acceptance for where you are in your life right now...RIGHT NOW...this exact moment...this is the place for you to be at...with all the experiences you have, the challenges and the hard times...take a few deep breaths...look at the sky, close your drawn into a part of it...become the sky...feel yourself expanding beyond all those little things in your life...namaste...