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Life will open new doors for you...

Veronika Polaskova


The other day I was thinking about life...about my dreams, about things that are important to me and how I could incorporate them into my life...and while some dreams may be too far for me to be reached anytime soon, I know that they will not land at my door unless I put in love and work...of course there will be circumstances in my life that will help me along the way to get closer to where I would like to be...and there will also be circumstances that will make it harder for me to get there...we will all have those things happening in our lives and we won’t be able to change them...what really matters though is how much passion you put in...instead of relying on what you can’t control, become your best friend and support yourself on your own journey...put in love, work, and things will start unfolding in the direction you want...I really do believe everything is possible, we just sometimes can’t see how to make things happen...only when you start, life will open new doors for you to be able to grow on your journey and achieve what may have seem impossible at yourself ❤