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Happy and free...

Veronika Polaskova


Our new baby Nico...a new addition to our yoga family 💖...he’s sooo sweet!!!! I can’t even tell you how gorgeous he is, on the inside and out, he has already filled a big (I mean BIG) spot in my heart, I love him sooo much!!!…he is full of this beautiful energy, zest for life, really living every moment, exploring, playing and having fun...he’s confident and happy...when I watch him, he makes me smile and happy...and inspired…I think we all used to be this way somewhere in our lives, happy and free, without worries, responsibilities and plans, living from moment to has made me realize that sometimes I take myself and some experiences too seriously, give them much more importance than they need, worried how I would be perceived, if I am doing a good job etc...and in between all of that, I sometimes forget to live my life and enjoy the new experience I have the opportunity to be a part of…it’s time to find my “inner puppy” again :-)…what a blessing that he came into my life 💛💙💚💜💖