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To live...

Veronika Polaskova


The other day I saw a short video about how we give up on ourselves, on our dreams, on our lives...and it made me a little sad...because if there was someone who was always free, chased their dreams no matter what, no matter if it meant to step away from the path they followed for some time, no matter if others told them they would regret it, it was was me a few years ago...I knew since I was a kid that if I listened to my heart and wasn't scared to change things if they didn’t work for me anymore, I would be always free...I quit my PhD in Science 6 years ago, almost before finishing it opportunity to study dance arose in my life at that time and I didn’t want to miss it out...I really wanted it badly!...what if this opportunity didn’t come again?...throughout my life, I was lucky to encounter a few more opportunities like that and was courageous enough to take my life in my hands and leave the security of a good life but not a happy life...

When I saw that video the other day, I realized, “Oh wait, I’m not that person anymore, I am holding back...Have I really come to that age when we think our lives are kind of “over”? We look at our dreams with a nostalgic gaze and comfort ourselves with thoughts that our lives are actually not too bad. Really? Is there no place for our dreams anymore?”

Hmmm...I am 36…I probably have still another 50 years, maybe more, ahead of me...Why am I not exploring, why am I not giving 100% to new roads and paths that seem exciting to me? Maybe you are where I am right now...sometimes we need to see or hear something to make us realize that WE ARE STILL HERE...that there are still so many days and weeks and months and years to try new start new explore...TO LIVE!