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Live your life for yourself...

Veronika Polaskova


A funny picture with a deep story...

It feels so great to let go and really consciously decide to live your life for yourself...that huge sense of freedom and relief that whatever happens in your life is only your choice...and if you really want to make something happen, you will find a way even if life was throwing rocks at you...I have always believed that you should go where your heart is telling you to go, no matter how scary the uncertainty of how things will turn out may be...and no matter how unready you may feel...and as much as I believe I live this kind of life most of the time, I have an area in my life I have shut in a drawer and locked it so that I don’t have to deal with the pain and vulnerability that drawer funny and absurd life can be sometimes, it turns out that what contains so much pain also contains so much sense of being alive...last week I have decided to dig deep and be really honest with myself...and open that drawer (not just to promise this to myself (as I did many times) but really do it…so last week I did!)

I went to my first dance class after quite some time...and it was amazing ❤ Those who know me well know how much it means to me...when I danced a few years back, I loved it with all my heart and devoted to it every single free moment I had...but I was also very fragile then...and the experiences I went through did break me! It wasn’t always smiles and joy in dance (even though on the surface it may have looked like it) just feels so beautiful to find the strength to get back to helped me a reconnect to myself, find myself, find my worthiness and heal some inner wounds...I feel so much stronger now and it’s just so amazing to be able to make peace with that battle...huge win :-) happy Monday and much love to you all for your own battles