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Something good can grow out of it...

Veronika Polaskova


Would life be any different if we were able to approach anything that happens in our lives and all people we meet, with open arms, knowing that no matter how challenging that situation or person may seem, something good can grow out of it…we all create our own future in every moment, in every decision we make, in every interaction we make…maybe it’s really up to us whether we create space for anything that life throws our way to grow into something beautiful or whether we get too stingy in a way and fight for our own reality.

It’s been a learning process for me too…there’s situations I feel super comfortable in but there’s also those ones in which I feel like I wish life didn’t take me there…there’s people I feel very beautiful and grateful to be around but there’s also people who are probably really beautiful beings inside but it takes me more time to see that.

It seems easy to be beautiful, generous and kind beings when life is generous to us as well…when life flows without effort and when we feel happy, contented and whole…but what about those moments when we feel like life is testing us a bit…or maybe quite a lot…can we still react from the place of love within? Would life be any different? I think it would be…it always is when I am able to perceive whatever happens in front of my eyes with more compassion…whenever I can bring a kinder perspective to that moment…to me it always comes back to GIVING…giving to ourselves and giving to others…I do believe that all the goodness comes back in one way or another 💜