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What a treasure to be found...the silence and peace...

Veronika Polaskova


I’m sitting here in the garden, listening to the sounds of birds, enjoying the beautiful smell of spring and watching my furry kids soaking up some sun…being here and appreciating this “simple” moment makes me realize how life is full of little wonders and that we can find happiness in each moment…and while there may be a million of things to be done, finished, achieved, I am feeling how beautiful it is to stop for a moment and just listen to the silence, occasionally interrupted by birds chirping, breath of my boys or the sound of the leaves rustling in the breeze…what a treasure to be found, the silence and peace, among all the rush, jumping from one thing to another so that life “could go on and not collapse”…it strikes me how much importance we give to things which may not even bring us joy and we take away the precious gift to be present to the beauty around us…even in moments when we can “afford” to stop and enjoy the stillness, we keep moving and chasing the next thing…how big part of our lives do we “have to” keep running so that in the end we can realize that we don’t have to run at all and that we can find happiness here and now?…how big part of our lives do we “have to” keep chasing one thing after another so that in the end we can realize that we can take time to be truly a part of our lives 🙏 (this beautiful photo with the amazing white Kousa Dogwood tree was taken in the gorgeous The Braes garden ❤)