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No one will chase our dreams for us...

Veronika Polaskova


I guess one of the most beautiful gifts we can give to ourselves is to be true to ourselves...and if there are dreams, no matter how big or small, it’s worth to realize no one will chase them for us...some people may help us along the way but in the end it comes to what WE do and what we don’t’s only up to us to take the step forward, even if it means going against the crowd sometimes...often it’s actually a good thing... :-)

Being true to ourselves and having the strength to follow our heart is not always easy...there will be always some people along the way who would want us to be like everyone else and do things as everyone does them (sometimes meant well for our own "sake", sometimes not really)...there is a real power though in realizing that it is our own journey, our own life...and unfortunately if we don’t shape it the way we want, others will shape it for us...

The older I get (yep, I’m old 😉), I am realizing more and more how every day is a precious gift to be still here and to be able to do things that are meaningful to me, that fill me with happiness...and by being contented in my own life, being then able to give back. I do really believe that if you are happy, you can give back so much more...everything becomes effortless and natural...

So take care of yourselves and follow those sparks inside, may you fill your life with amazing adventures and happy memories 🌷🌿🌸💕