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"Our true, happy, nature can be discovered only when..."

Veronika Polaskova


I don’t particularly enjoy being sick (to be honest it makes me feel a little crazy as I love moving :-))…one of the good things though about being sick is that it gives us time to do things we otherwise rarely find time for…for me it is reading…I love finding a quiet moment and to read a little bit here and there but often my life gets filled with other activities and I just don't create time for it…when I was sick I reached for one of my favourite books “Happiness and How It Happens” by The Happy Buddha (I am pretty sure I raved about it before already :-))…I love reading little bits and pieces and then giving myself some time to think about it and process it…this book is perfect for it…on every page there’s so much beautiful wisdom shared…and it is also one of those books you can read over and over again and find new messages there which you hadn’t noticed before…I have come across this little section and just really enjoyed reading it ❤ Here it is:

“We bring an agenda to our spiritual practice as to how we want to be in the future, but if we practise well this agenda is doomed to failure. It’s OK to have an agenda for a while as it can motivate us to start to practise, but it will never be fulfilled, because agendas are of the ego: the little me. The ego always wants to become somebody, but practice is not about becoming somebody. Practice is about getting to know yourself and becoming free from suffering by doing so. This freedom can’t be achieved through our usual type of striving. Our true, happy, nature can be discovered only when we give up the struggle to be better, to be someone different.” 🌸💕