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"The Best Love Is the One that Makes You a Better Person"

Veronika Polaskova


“The best love is the one that makes you a better person, without changing you into someone other than yourself.” (beautiful quote, I wish I knew who said it 🙏)

What a beautiful gift we can give to each other to create a safe space to feel worthy, loved and enough…the magic moments when we are with someone and we feel fully accepted for who we are…it’s a beautiful feeling when we feel safe enough and loved to open up and be ourselves…when we feel treated with gentleness and kindness, gracefulness and equality…maybe I feel loved and accepted in those moments because these are such strong values for me…and I love this gentle and graceful part of myself so I resonate with it so much when I see it in the world around me 😊

The best thing about meeting someone special we resonate with, is that we feel that inner joy and love, we feel nourished and we have SO MUCH to give to the world around us…when we feel loved, we feel loving too…and it doesn’t have to be only romantic love, it’s a more universal love, when we feel cherished and cared about by people who come into our life ❤

I think they say we carry qualities of the five closest people we have in our lives…but I also believe we can learn so much and be inspired from our much shorter encounters, strangers coming into our lives for 5 min or a fleeting smile or the energy that sweeps by…if we only stay open to that love...❤