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Donation Classes for RSPCA

Veronika Polaskova


Hi gorgeous people,

Huge thank you to everyone who dropped by at our yoga get-together on Saturday 😊…so nice to spend time with some super lovely people in nature, walking a slackline, talking and eating 💛

This week is the last week of yoga classes with me this year. Just in case you haven’t seen my latest newsletter, the last class this year will be on Saturday the 8th of December and I will be back to teach on Wednesday the 16th of January 🙏

All the classes this week are donation classes for RSPCA (in Katoomba). This means Wednesday the 5th, Friday the 7th and Saturday the 8th of December, you will not pay me any extra money for the classes (nor will I mark your attendance on your 10 class pass) but you will have an option to put your donations in a little box I will create - it can be as little as $1 or as much as you want to. All the money collected from those three days will be donated to RSPCA in Katoomba to help find a home of love for our furry friends 🐶🐺💕

Also if you are free, we will grab a cuppa after class on Friday and Saturday☕ It would be so nice to see you and talk about life, and smile and laugh before we take separate paths for a few weeks 😊 If I won’t see you this week, have the most amazing time during Christmas filled with wonderful moments and happy days, whole-hearted people and sunshine, and may the 2019 be everything you' ve been dreaming of and more 🌞🌈🌄💖

Big hug,