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Huge Thank You and Happy New Year 🌞

Veronika Polaskova


Hi beautiful people,

Last day of this year is here and what a day/year! I’ve spent my last day of 2018 chasing geocaching adventures with my mum in nature 🌿 which involved attempts to climb trees, lifting each other, lots of laughter, crawling through spiky bushes…ouch!, and lots of sweat, some blood and mozzie bites…haha 😂 …we’ve finished the year on a high note and I hope your day has been as amazing or even better than ours 🌞

I also wanted to say “HUGE THANK YOU” for another great year of yoga, your friendship, so much love shared and your support. I feel humbled by having around so many kind and caring people, YOU…🙏 I very much cherish the beautiful friendships I have made over the years (and the hugs 😉) and being able to be a part of your journey, as well as I am so happy and grateful that you are a part of mine…so thank you from all my heart ❤

May the 2019 be a year of lightness and ease, laughter and joy, love and hugs, kindness and giving, great insights and much growth, and beautiful people…and of course more yoga too 😊…but most importantly may it be a year in which you find yourself happy, content and loved. Happy New Year!!! 🎆

Keep being so amazing, love you all so much! 💜
Vercha xxx