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The path to deep healing comes from within

Veronika Polaskova


When I was sick with flu a few weeks ago, I felt an immense sense of gratefulness for my body and how amazingly it works when it’s healthy and when it is sick also…how it tries to repair itself and how it sends us signals of what it needs…it keeps doing so much miraculous work on its own, day by day, night by night…and I thought, “I haven’t been really fair to you and kind enough”…🌿

There have been many moments in my life when I felt I was not skinny enough, my body was not toned enough, I was not strong enough, I was not beautiful enough, I was not worthy of love…and yet even now when I have been through so much in my life, those thoughts sometimes (sometimes more often) creep in…I felt this huge sadness that I had not respected this beautiful body of mine that had been trying the best to show me how incredible it was and allowing me to experience the beauty and goodness of life each day. And at the same time, I was really grateful for being sick with flu and having had this priceless positive experience of appreciating and admiring my physical body as it was. I had to get sick so that I could heal a part of myself 💛 What a paradox in a way, though a very normal way of how life rolls I guess, the lessons to be perceived/learnt often wait in the most unexpected places and times of our lives.

I think that’s why yoga caught my heart when I started doing a few classes here and there 6 years ago…all of the sudden I was away from the world that pointed out all the imperfections, in a class with a teacher who emanated warmth, sincerity and deep knowledge, and taught respect and acceptance. Those hours of going within were very healing and exactly what I needed (she also inspired me to quit my job in scientific research and sign up for my first yoga teacher training (thank you Tam 😊)

I guess why I am writing this is that I know that so many women and men go through the same is hard to escape it in this world which focuses on the outward appearance so much and offers superficial quick fix solutions, while the path to deep healing comes from within, with appreciation, kindness, love and patience over time…when the body is healthy on the inside, it will also radiate the health from the outside.

Yoga has offered me a safe place to let go…to move with joy but also to learn to sit with sadness…to experience deep calmness and peace but also to observe my impatience, anxiety and fear…to feel sometimes uneasy and uncomfortable in my body but to keep learning to love it more and more each day…yoga has been a path of many insights and deep healing for me, and I am so incredibly grateful that life has taken me here…I hope you too will find a way to flow with life, with more ease and acceptance and love, and whatever your battles are, I am sending much sincere love and courage your way ❤️