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Allow yourself to just be...

Veronika Polaskova


To me the best way to live is to just allow myself to be ❤ breathe, to be curious and open to whatever comes my way, to surrender and find beauty in every connect to myself and “move to places” where I feel nourished, where I feel nurtured...where I feel free...

It’s been a few weeks when I was sitting in the garden and reflecting on why we lose this connection...why we don’t feel free all the time...why we don’t feel whole...and I think I found it...expectations!!!...we create expectations around ourselves, our lives, people who are close to us, our work, our goals...they are everywhere!...many times when we feel challenged, when we feel resistance within, we had unconsciously created expectations about how things should time when you find yourself with some uncomfortable emotions, see if you can take a moment to notice what is really happening...maybe you’ll find that your mind is creating a story about how things could, might or even should be those moments we stop being kind to ourselves and our world (and if not aloud, at least in our heads)...

The good thing is that sometimes as little as bringing a bit more awareness into our lives so that we can bring a bit more light onto what is really happening, can help us to take our power back and see deeper into our experience...and enjoy those moments is also often the smallest moments in our lives that can totally change how we perceive our reality again and again and who in the end we become...💖

(P.S. I am the queen of wanting things to be perfect and for everything to go according to my “super plan” 😉. I am still learning to accept things as they are but I do believe I am getting a little bit better with practice and I am able to find those moments of stillness, presence and appreciation more often...good luck to us all 😘)