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Welcome everything coming your way...

Veronika Polaskova


“Fearlessness is not avoiding the ups and downs of life: it’s sitting with them, listening, feeling, bowing to them…and then moving forward.” (Waylon Lewis)  Stay humble towards all experiences that come your way...listen, observe, notice…there’s always something to be matter how dark an experience may seem, there’s always light and growth in there your heart and listen more deeply...where we are challenged it’s where we can grow...and it’s where we need to awesome is to realize that when “bad” things happen to us, they are actually amazing opportunities for us to bring more awareness into our lives and find calmness and acceptance with what is...they open new doors which we wouldn’t be able to see if everything was perfect...there’s sooo much more learning happening in those just smile and welcome everything coming your way 🌸💕