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If I trust my heart...

Veronika Polaskova


Sitting here and smiling, observing the intimate play of the sunrays and the fog, I am thinking what this year will bring along...what there is for me to notice, to realize, to experience...I don’t know...but I know that if I trust my intuition, my heart, my light, I will be always drawn to the experiences and people who will take me forward in my journey...

I may feel challenged, I may feel vulnerable, I may feel lots of various emotions throughout this year but to feel whole and be able to grow, I can’t close myself off from this world...I know I have to find the courage, step in and open my heart to whatever is supposed to come my the end of the day I know, that I can only live my life fully if I stay open, honest to myself, and brave...present with compassion to the subtle signs and shifts, to the light within...may this year be full of growth and awareness towards a kinder and more beautiful world 🌲🐦🌸🌞