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How truly life-changing and beautiful experience it has been...

Veronika Polaskova


Last week I was sitting in the studio at Union Street Yoga, before opening the door for the students to come in, and I felt this huge feeling of amazement and gratefulness…I was thinking how lucky I am that life had taken me on this yoga journey and how truly life-changing and beautiful experience it had been…If someone told me a few years ago that coming to a yoga class would totally change my life and bring so much more understanding, depth and richness into my life, I would probably say, “Really? A few stretches would do that?” ;-)

Often it is hard to fully share a personal experience in a way so that others can relate to it deeply. With many spiritual practices, it is really about trusting that something may unfold after years of practice with maybe a few signs here and there that we are on the right path…as we live in a world where we can often experience many things instantly or at least have a proof that something is working, it may not be always easy to stick to a practice which may not bring us that immediate sense of satisfaction…we may feel good after it but sometimes it may not be enough for us to keep going…

When I think about my own journey, I feel that meeting people along my path who have been practicing yoga and meditating for quite a few years and having the opportunity to talk to them and learn from them have been some of the most inspiring times in my life…the sense of ease, calmness, peace and joy that shines through them, the sincerity of their energy, the welcoming attitude to life, the acceptance of what is…it’s really a blessing to know a few of those people and have yoga and meditation in my life not only as beautiful practices but also as a path to more insight, compassion, wholeness and freedom… 💜☮🙏