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"What is it that you seek?"

Veronika Polaskova

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“What is it that you seek? What makes you itch? I’m itchy for more…for more than what meets the eye. What is it that is beyond the physical? It bypasses the shell, the exterior…it’s a feeling, energy, light with no colour. It rejects preference, material, wealth and pieces of gold and silver. It’s my Soul recognising your Soul. An unspoken connection and we’re speaking the same language. It goes beyond the five senses. I seek this connection, not just in you, but in all, in the physical world, the world within and beyond. It’s a moment of clarity, a sense of inner peace and feeling content. Disconnection from the physical world. Time stands still and we are lost in this evolution, the intricate and delicate beauty of our surroundings, of what we call Earth. At one with the Universe and the Love that is so clear and present.” (by Chanelle Elana) 💛