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Thank you for an amazing year... :-)

Veronika Polaskova


Hi beautiful people,

Here we are, second last day of this amazing year and it wouldn’t be the same if it was without the gorgeous souls hiding behind the smiling faces who come to my classes…YOU 😊 As one of my students said after one of my classes “thank you for turning up” (as a reply to me saying “thank you for coming to practice” 😁), I want to say thank you for turning up too! For being there on those sunny and rainy days, when you felt happy, sad, tired, injured and for always bringing your beautiful energy with you.

I say this probably every year but I feel so incredibly grateful to be able to share this beautiful practice of yoga with you…a big beautiful yogic family, each of us with our own unique story and our way to flow with life but still finding time to come together and share the space full of openness, love and just being and breathing 💜

I can’t wait to see you in a few days, the 7th of January, here we come! :-) …in the meantime enjoy the New Year’s Eve celebrations and may the year 2018 bring along everything you’ve been dreaming of :-) Much much much love…Vercha 🙏