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Today I am just grateful...

Veronika Polaskova


It’s been almost two years since we have moved up here to the mountains and I would not change it for anything...yesterday I was thinking how happy I am here...after those 11 years being away from my home country, I finally feel I belong somewhere...I feel I am not a stranger here anymore...I love the life in a smaller community and that everyone knows everyone, or at least through another person...I guess being a yoga teacher and having more and more people from around here coming to my classes makes it easier too, to create new connections...and I feel so privileged to have met some super crazy awesome interesting people through teaching yoga who are now dear friends of mine...

Today I am just grateful...for taking a chance on yoga...and for finding myself in this happy place (not even knowing how it has all happened), surrounded by beautiful people and living a life full of meaningful adventures...thank you for being a part of my journey 🌷 🌿