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Our life doesn't start in that moment...

Veronika Polaskova


Often life is “enough” and pretty awesome the way it is…so many times we want more, we want to change, we want our life to change but the truth is if we can’t appreciate what we have in this moment, we will hardly appreciate when the change comes or when we have more…it’s great to be inspired, it’s awesome to have dreams and goals to chase but to live a happy and fulfilling life, we can’t wait for the moment when everything aligns, when everything will be perfect…because our life doesn’t start in that moment…our life, for most of us, has started quite some time ago…and it is happening right now…from moment to moment…and we can easily waste that moment and another by wanting it to be different…or we can appreciate it for what it is…cherish those beautiful happy ones and be grateful for those challenging ones which help us to grow and become better people 🌸💕