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What makes you feel nourished in life...?

Veronika Polaskova


Today is all about freedom…I’m stuck here in bed with flu so I am at least inspiring myself with pictures and stories that make me feel free 😉…being in bed for a few days has given me some time to reflect on my life and think about lots of things...among them, what makes people feel happy and what makes them feel unhappy…and I’ve come up with a few things but often I feel it is when our life values which are really important to us are fulfilled or not (the other part is being grateful for what we have).

For me, one of the most important life values is the feeling of freedom…I guess that’s why I love dance and movement in general, being creative, spontaneous, and all the crazy challenges and adventures💖…(I love though my routine too 😉). I thrive when I feel free but I cry inside when I am not (and I guess as a Sagittarius that’s kind of normal to expect…you can’t tie down a Sagittarius 😉).

Knowing what makes us feel nourished in life, what values are important to us, is a beautiful and easy way how to bring more of those things into our lives and feel happier. It’s good to check from time to time “What does freedom (or whatever value(s) you choose) mean to me?” The answer is just there…

Happy Sunday gorgeous souls 🌸💕