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Tune into your inner wisdom...

Veronika Polaskova


Last night I was thinking about my yoga practice and about all the energy and drive I have now after having a few weeks off when I was chilling back home in Europe :-) …and while the intention was to practise and meditate every day there, it only happened rarely in between all the celebrations and meeting some beautiful souls.

It’s interesting to feel now so much of the enthusiasm, but also so much impatience…I know deep inside that the best is to get into everything slowly and keep the practice nice and gentle…and trust that I will get stronger, more flexible and my body will open a bit more again with a consistent practice…not that it should be in anyway important to be strong but my ego is screaming “Yes, I want you to be super strong…NOW!”. It’s interesting to notice this impatience which comes and goes, almost like the ego has been testing its boundaries and pushing my inner wisdom away. Sometimes the lessons that meet us on our path are subtle but they may be sooo relevant in that particular moment…it’s easy to miss them in between all what the ego needs to say and it takes practice (still learning ;-) ) to stay tuned into our inner wisdom…this is our home where all the questions can be answered, this is where the growth happens 💜