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It's up to us to create something magical...

Veronika Polaskova


After one my classes at the gorgeous Union Street Yoga, one of my beautiful students came to me and asked if I had done reiki or if I had some healing abilities…I guess because of the way I sometimes adjust people in Savasana 😊 Not only it was a beautiful compliment but it also reminded me that I wanted to do a reiki course two years ago…but then other things happened and last year was filled with so many beautiful experiences and events that I totally forgot about it.

Just last few days I have been on the lookout for things to make this year a bit special in some way but apart from a volunteering work at an elephant sanctuary 🐘 later this year if everything works out (fingers crossed), I don’t have many plans in terms of retreats, workshops, self-development etc. What a beautiful thing to be reminded about this reiki course…💛

I feel all the people in our lives can be guides to help us to follow a path of growth if we are open and present to the little signals…sometimes it feels like life is a big game and it’s up to us to see the pieces of puzzle to put them together and create something magical…so yeah, today I am grateful for all my beautiful yogi students and all people in my life because they have all guided me to a place where I am now and it’s a pretty special place 🙏 (P.S. this photo was taken at the Union Street Yoga garden 🌿☘, there is something really serene about it, so enjoying spending some time there before teaching classes :-))