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It really comes to how we decide to live this life...

Veronika Polaskova


“The scent of sandalwood, jasmine and rosebay travels only as far as the wind, but the fragrance of virtue rises even to the Gods.” (from The Dammapada – The Way of the Buddha). I love this so much…there’s something really magical about virtue, purity, integrity…just being real…not only wishing to live a life in a conscious way but to really live it that way…to really take time to think about what we do, how we speak, what thoughts we have, what energy we carry, how those things impact the world around us…and maybe even the world further away…we are in no way perfect beings (if we were we probably would not be here living a human life)…“Man is not a being but only a becoming. Man is a process, a growth, a possibility, a potentiality. Man is not yet actual. Man has to be, he has yet to arrive. Man is born not as an essence but only as an existence…a great space where much can happen, or nothing may happen…it all depends on you.” (from the same book) 😊…we are not perfect beings but we have so much capacity to learn…to be more aware and become kinder, gentler, more graceful and more compassionate…it really comes to how we decide to live this life…I hope it’s in a kinder, gentler, more graceful and more loving way 💜