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A home of love...

Veronika Polaskova


Watching dolphins playing in the distance with my forever-puppy-like Nico while the sun is rising to welcome a new day and we are in awe how much life can be squeezed in this silent moment…the salty breeze, the playful waves, the golden sunrays, the curious visitors from the bird world stepping closer and closer to check the two new giants on the beach…a beautiful moment, tiny and big at the same time…hearing the breath of Nico I remember words by Ram Dass, “We’re all just walking each other home.”

We can travel to millions of places, we can run away again and again but if we don’t find the path back home, to ourselves, we will still feel like strangers in this world…our furry friends have this beautiful ability to walk us home quite often…they’re really Earth angels, how a beautiful friend of mine Erin would call them…and I sit here and am grateful to have two of those Earth angels in my life to help me find myself again and again when I get lost…there’s so many crossroads and paths to take in life with never knowing where they will lead us…and it’s nice from time to time to find ourselves on the path back to ourselves…a home of love, understanding, caring and acceptance…very much cherish those moments…❤️