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Come to play... :-)

Veronika Polaskova


Yes, I hear yah! It’s cold and dark and it’s just so nice to stay at home with a warm tea and snuggle under a blanket 😊 But do you still remember that amazing feeling after finishing a yoga class…? 🙌 The feeling that life is wonderful and you feel full of love and energy and that you don’t need anything because everything is perfect? Come to play in a beautiful dynamic Vinyasa flow yoga class to challenge yourself and open through your body, leaving the class “floating”, smiling and happy 😊 Plus how much easier is it to practice in class with other “suffering” human beings instead of staying at home and trying to resist all the distractions?…did I say suffering? No, I didn’t… 😉 You’ll have a fun time, I promise 😎 It’s easier than you think…just get yourself to a class and you definitely won’t leave when you get there…it’s really about just getting there ❤ Namaste beautiful beings ☮💜☯

(the photo is from the archive a few years back - I still have that beanie, unless Nico (our 2 year old cheeky lab 🐶) has stolen and eaten it…and there’s still a bit of craziness and playfulness in my life because hey, life is too short and to be lived, not to be waited for 😊)